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hello there, welcome to newmen

for decades men have been using shitty soap. big companies have been cutting corners throughout the manufacturing process to improve their bottom line.

for example the soap that we all use on a daily basis is created with artificial detergents (it is the same stuff you put in your laundry). as a man these are horrible for our skin. have you ever had your face dry out after a shower? I know I have and I know who to blame.

why we created newmen

we created newmen to give you the power to be your best feeling self. newmen was built by real people who were tired of being lied to by large soap companies.

we are changing this by creating all natural, detergent free handmade soap that helps your skin rather than hurting it (and smells amazing). 

we haven't launched yet, but we would love to keep you updated. (your email won't be used for anything else and we might even send you some free samples). 

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